Where To Find Storage At Home

by Darwin Hall

bedroom closets

Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and where there’s a need, there’s a space.

It may take some finding, but there is nearly always a corner you can convert into extra storage.

Dormers.  You can usually fit a purchased or custom built storage bench under a window.

Eaves.  Install cupboards along a wall where there is insufficient headroom to use the floor space.

Fireplaces.  The fireplace is a focal point.  Make it worth looking at by surrounding it with shelves.

Unfinished ceilings.  Use a hammock to store yard equipment.  In the summer, it can move outside along with its contents.

Garage space.  A garage is the ideal spot for a workshop.  It doesn’t matter if you make a mess.

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Beds.  A standard double bed takes up almost 30 square feet of floor space.  Put this to use by placing a mattress on top of drawer units.  Hide-A-Bed kits are available in many designs.  They can be used in a guest bedroom or for a child who has gone to college but still comes back often.  The kits are attractive and relatively simple to install.

garage storageBathroom cabinets.  Add roll-out shelves under the sink.  They do not have to be full depth if the plumbing gets in the way.

Kitchen cabinets.  Make use of the extra space between wall and base cabinets with extra shelves or bins.

Countertops.  Solve the problems of clutter and trailing cords by installing an appliance garage.

Under counters.  A roll-around cabinet provides extra counter space when pulled out and tucks neatly away when not in use.

Watch the VideoUnder sinks.  If it stands on a pull-out shelf, the garbage can be close at hand and out of sight underneath the kitchen sink.

Utility room.  Mount shelves or cupboards above the washer and dryer.  These will house supplies and be convenient for storing linens.

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