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Mudding and Taping drywall is all about technique.  It’s knowing how much compound to use so when you get to the sanding part, you don’t work extra hard to get the mud off.

In the final coat and sand, your best friend will be a worklight.  You simply hold the light at an angle on the wall to get a perfectly lit up view of any imperfections — so you can correct them accordingly.

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Time: About 3 days; due to waiting for the first coat to dry for a day, then sanding the next day,  then applying a second and third coat, while sanding in between coats.

Skill: DIY


  • DIY — Cost of materials
  • Hire a Pro — A drywall contractor will charge $2700 to $3200 to put up the drywall, tape it, mud, and sand it in preparation for paint.  This would be a typical 10 X 10 foot room.


  1. Install drywall to the studs.
  2. Apply tape to seams.
  3. Apply compound to all seams and drywall screw divots.
  4. Next day sand first coat and apply second coat of compound (mud).
  5. The following day, sand second coat off and apply third coat.
  6. Last day, sand third coat.

Tools You’ll Need:


Dotted Line Post Separator

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