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Preparing your home’s exterior wood surfaces for painting after years of built-up paint requires taking the time out to remove as much of the old paint as possible.  A power washer works pretty good for part of the cleaning and removal process; just be easy when removing those paint chips.  Too much water at too high a pressure can do much more damage than good.

Also check the weather forecast.  You’ll need about a day or two of good weather to complete prep work.

Be ready to caulk and do some sanding — these are the kinds of tasks to insure a great outcome.  Careful planning and taking your time instead of rushing the job will make all the hard work worth it.

Time: About a day or so.

Skill: Intermediate DIYer.


  • DIY — Cost of materials.
  • Hire a Pro — $1500 to $2500 for an average size home.


  1. Scrape old paint with scraper or putty knife.
  2. Sand scraped edges smooth.
  3. Sand glossy surfaces.
  4. Use wire brush and power drill on metal surfaces.
  5. Remove dust and debris with a broom.
  6. Clean the siding with a clean brush, water hose, and TSP.
  7. Patch any holes or cracks.

Tools You’ll Need:


 Dotted Line Post Separator

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