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Exterior Painting Step 1: Pressure-Washing the House

House Painting - Interior House Painting Tips / Prep - Fix - Paint / Important Things To Know

How To Painting A House. Tips Painting The Outside Of A House. DIY house painting tips.

Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour. DIY How To Paint Walls Fast.

Interior Painting Step 1: Prepping a Room

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When it comes to painting, proper prep-work is important to achieve the best results.

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Painting woodwork is hard work.  Next to prepping, it’s the most time-consuming painting job.  If you master the tricks, however, you’ll minimize the hassle and speed up your progress.

If at all possible, learn to paint freehand.  With practice, anyone with a fairly steady hand and a good trim or sash brush can master freehand techniques and, in the process, save a tremendous amount of time, compared to applying masking tape.

Before tackling woodwork, check for damage.  Patch minor holes with wood filler.  Let the material dry, sand it smooth, then apply a sealer.  For major problems, consider replacing the molding.

If you’ll be using the same paint on the woodwork as on the walls, paint the woodwork as you come to it.  Most often, however, you should use a higher gloss on woodwork.

In this case,or if it will be another color, do it after painting the walls.  Windows and raised-panel doors are the toughest painting jobs because of the amount of cutting in to be done and the fact that you can’t take a full brush stroke as you can on a wall or ceiling.

If you can’t paint freehand, cover the glass with masking tape or use a painter’s shield.  Use razor blades and roller scrapers to clean off smeared paint.

If you are using a gloss finish on doors, use a cross-brush technique.  Apply paint on the door horizontally.  Then make vertical finishing strokes.  Always finish a door once you’ve started it.  If you don’t, the lap marks may show after the finish has dried.

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