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Kitchen and bathroom trends for 2016

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile and Style | OMG We Bought A House!

Interior Design — Before & After: Small Kitchen & Bathroom Makeover

Barbie Bathroom Evening Routine - Playing with Doll House Bath, Bedroom, Kitchen


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Create an elegant look in any kitchen by installing a tile backsplash.

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Kitchen & Bathroom VideosKitchen & Bathroom Tips

About kitchens:  Standardized dimensions and modular designs greatly simplify the job of tailoring cabinets to your kitchen.

Just measure the space available, order a series of units that comes close to fitting it, then make up the difference with fillers between the cabinets.

Plot your kitchen area on graph paper, making both a floor plan and elevation drawing.  Be sure to include door swings, heating vents, window casings, pipes, electrical outlets and switches, appliance sizes, and other limiting factors.  Visit a cabinet dealer for more ideas, then plan your layout.

Don’t forget kitchen cabinets can be used in other rooms for your storage needs.

Bathrooms:  If you plan on installing a vent fan in your bathroom, you should ideally mount the unit near the tub or shower and away from the door; duct it to the outside if at all possible, or to a well-ventilated attic.

Washbasins should have at least 21 inches of clear space in front of them, preferably 24 inches.  If the washbasin is beside a bathtub, allow at least 6 inches between the two fixtures.

When caulking your bathtub, put blue painter’s tape along the edge of the tub.  Cut the tip of the nozzle about 3/16-inch.  Hold the caulking gun at a 45° angle as you push it forward.  When you have finished applying the caulk, smooth it with a soapy finger.  Let the caulk set, then pull up the tape to reveal a clean, straight line.

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