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by Darwin Hall

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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Creating the type of bedroom interior design that is inviting and relaxing is something of an art form.

Anyone can place a bed, a chest of drawers and a night stand in a room and call it a bedroom.

It takes a little more flair to create a rich bedroom interior design that calls out to you, beckoning you to enter and leave your worries behind until the new day arrives tomorrow.

Good bedroom interior design begins with your four walls.

The size and shape of the room is really a minor issue;  there is little you can do to change that — shy of a total reconstruction of your home. In order to work with what you have, take a good look at your room.

Soft blues, greens and other favorite pastels are sure to make you breathe a little easier the moment you step into the room. Avoid deep colors that will pull the life right out of the room.  The subconscious effects do not promote the goal of relaxation and released stress.

The bedroom’s two main functions are sleep and love. All other activities should be relegated to other rooms in your home.

contemporary bedroomWhatever you do, don’t set up your home office in one corner of your bedroom.

Avoid the temptation to bring in an office desk or a treadmill. Squeeze those items into other rooms in any way possible. If you don’t, your bedroom will never encourage escape and the rest you deserve.

It’s a bit of a toss up to whether you should consider having the television in your bedroom. Most sleep therapists advise against the television or anything else that distracts you from one of the two prime functions of the bedroom.

If you prefer to watch TV at night avoid horror movies, action, and crime programs. They can create deep images in your mind, and provoke restlessness throughout the night. The choice is yours.

Spend a bit more for the perfect accents. A plush comforter and some fluffy pillows on your bed will provide instant levels of comfort. And oh, and that bed? The bigger the better when it comes to sleeping comfort.

A king sized bed can offer a world of comfort and, if you’re sharing your space with a partner, it gives you ample room to toss and turn and seek out just the right position without excessively disturbing your mate.

Watch the VideoTake advantage of any space you might have for an easy chair. On nights when sleep just won’t come, you will have a refuge area to sit and read or engage in other activities that might help bring on sleep.

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