Installing Protective Paper On Your Floors

by Darwin Hall

red rosin paper on floor remodeling

In preparing for painting your walls and ceilings, no one wants to mess up their hardwood floors or other finished floor surfaces.

The perfect solution is to install red rosin paper in the work area.

You can purchase rolls that are 3 feet wide by 100 feet long at the local home improvement store.

Look in the painting section or ask an associate behind the counter.

These protective rolls stop dust from accumulating on the finished floor underneath them during extended house remodels.  Due to the thickness of red rosin paper, it will quickly dry out small paint splatters, lessening the chances of people tracking drips throughout the rest of the house.

You still need to clean up large spills, however.  A simple way to handle a kicked-over paint bucket is using two, 8-inch drywall finishing knives.

Use one as a push shovel and the other like a dust pan to clean up the spill.  Wipe any remaining paint off the floor with clean paper towels.

There is also a type of brown paper that is a little bit thinner I like to use for covering windows.  It’s cheaper, but don’t use it for floors.

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Step 1

Start at the furthermost corner of a room, unrolling the sheet across the floor.  Leave about an inch space between the walls and the paper.  You’ll use that inch of space to tape blue 1.88-inch painter’s tape to hold the floor and the paper.

rosin paper at baseboardTemporarily place a few pieces of tape at the beginning ends of each corner of the paper; or else the paper may rewind backwards into a roll again.

When you reach the wall, follow the contour of the wall and cut the piece off using a straightedge.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Set the roll to the side. When you tape the paper to the floor near the baseboard, you should be as close as possible to the baseboard when you tape.  Do not put any tape on the baseboard.

Step 2

Grab the roll again and unroll the paper, overlapping the first sheet by about two inches.  Continue unrolling until you reach the wall and cut off the roll.  Now, tape the first sheet along the floor and wall contours, also taping the second sheet to the over-lapped, first sheet.

In essence, you are building a temporary paper floor with seams of blue painter’s tape.  Continue along until you finish the whole room.

Step 3

Spaces on the floor which are irregular are next.  Simply measure the areas, cut the pieces, then tape them down. Purchase extra blue tape because you’ll need a lot to complete a room.

Also, be sure to immediately fix tears that will happen.  Small tears can be repaired by placing the torn part back down and taping it on all sides.

Large tears can be repaired by placing a piece of rosin paper over the tear and taping it down.  Time is of the essence in remodeling when having the room covered in paper.

The paper will start to break down in about three weeks and create it’s own red dust on baseboards, from the constant foot traffic wear and tear.  The fun part will be removing the paper when you get done!

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