Install Fluorescent Lighting In A Suspended Ceiling

by Darwin Hall

suspended ceiling lights

Suspended ceilings lend themselves to a variety of lighting solutions: surface mounted fixtures, recessed lighting fixtures, recessed fluorescent units sized to fit the grid, or even a luminous ceiling.

One type of fluorescent fixture substitutes for a ceiling panel.  Simply drop the unit into place and make the electrical hook-up.  Another stands on brackets above the grid.

This is the type described in this article.  Remember that fixtures add weight — so be sure to add extra hanger wires to carry the load.

Step 1

fluorescent lightingInstall light fixtures before panels.  Some types of lighting for suspended ceilings include a special bracket that clamp onto the main tees.

Step 2

A tab-and-slot system lets you adjust the distance between a fixture’s tubes and it’s plastic diffuser panel.

Step 3

Watch the VideoMake the electrical connections.  Then fit the fixture’s reflector panels in place and install the fluorescent tubes.

Step 4

For the diffusers, you can select clear, translucent white, or egg-crate styles.  They rest on the grid like any other panel.

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