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Here’s how to troubleshoot an air conditioning fan that isn’t working.

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About heating:  You should easily be able to tune up your heating system.  First, make sure the thermostat is accurate and the anticipator control adjusted so that it will shut off the furnace before it overheats.

Then adjust the dampers on all the registers so that each room receives only the heat it needs.  This will take several days of trial and error.  Finally, clean the furnace periodically.  Change filters, make sure the fan belts are properly adjusted, and check the flame controls.

Make sure the furnace receives enough combustible air from outside.  Carefully seat all joints in the duct system with aluminum tape and wrap the ducts with insulation (call a professional if the ducts already have asbestos insulation).

Cooling:  At the beginning of the cooling season and then as often as every few weeks, change or clean the filter on a room air conditioner or heat pump.  Unplug the unit, then remove the front panel and filter.  Wash the filter in mild detergent, then rinse, dry, and replace it.

Be careful not to tear it.  Clean condenser coil fins with a vacuum cleaner or brush.  Straighten bent fins with a fin comb.  Do not touch the capacitor; electricity is stored here.  You can get a shock even if the unit is unplugged.

If you live where there are natural breezes, you can use them for most of your cooling needs.  Open a door or window on opposite walls in every room.  To give cross-breezes a boost as they go through the house, open low windows where breezes enter and high windows where they leave.

Another way to enhance air circulation is with an open floor plan.  You can’t very well rearrange the walls of an existing home, but for new designs, keep interior walls and partitions to a minimum to maximize cooling benefits.

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