Got A Bad Batch Of Behr Paint

by Darwin Hall

lumpy behr paint

After priming a kitchen and a small entrance way, it was approaching time to paint.

I opened up one of the cans I bought a few months ago and put a paint stick into it.

Immediately I noticed a hard, lumpy portion stuck to the insides of the can near the bottom.

I figured it would eventually break down; as paint does separate if it sits untouched.

I stirred it about 20 minutes.  It never blended.  This is the first time this has ever happened.  So, I opened the other can of paint.  This time, I didn’t stir it at all.  I stuck the stick into the same kind of lumpiness and sealed the can back up.  It’s around 3 pm and the day is just about done, so I’ll head back to the store next week day.  What a waste.

Returning the cans

Today, I went back to the store to return the cans of paint.  I parked the van and fetched the receipt from my pants pocket.  I purchased the paint at the end of January.  I completely forgot.  Its been almost 3 months, as it is April now.  It shouldn’t matter, though.

I stored the paint in the house during this entire time as I was preparing to paint the kitchen.  I immediately headed toward the return desk.

I explained my predicament with buying bad paint.  The guy at the return counter told me to go to the paint counter and see if they could do something about the paint.  So I marched to the back.

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Again, I explained to the lady at the counter, “I bought a bad batch of paint.  The paint has squishy lumps in it”

She opened the can and examined the lumps thoroughly.  She then blurted out, “Someone left the paint cans in the cold and the paint froze.”  I was like,”huh?”

She then asked for my receipt, which I gladly handed over.  She looked at it and said, “Well, you bought this in January.”  Which was true, however I told her I stored the paint in a heated home I’m working on, and that they could have never been exposed to cold weather.  I also said this problem has never happened to me before.

behr paint and primerI then replied, “So it’s my fault?”  The lady said she would have to call a manager to see what to do.

Which I agreed.  She proceeded to call the manager over the loud speaker.  No answer back.

Just then, a male co-worker came up and described the same scenario:  the cans had been frozen at one time.

But this time, he said someone in the paint department probably put the cans back on the shelf by mistake after a return by someone else.

He also said that once the paint is frozen, it is ruined.  It will never blend together when you stir it.  It will be “lumpy”.

I happened to be the un-witting customer that purchased those two bad paint cans.

I also remembered that when I bought them, I didn’t have them shaken by the people at the counter.  I just grabbed the cans off the shelf, paid for them, and left the store.

Again she called.  We waited like 10 minutes, and then the manager called back and said to just give me two new cans, which worked out this time.  The lesson here is to never let paint freeze in the can, or it will be un-usable.  Now back to the jobsite.  I’ll update things soon.

Published on April 15th 2016 by Darwin, in DIY Diaries.

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