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First Time Laying Hardwood Flooring

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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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After the sub-floor is prepared and the felt paper is laid down you need to nail or staple the hardwood to the sub-floor.

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Refinishing a wood floor is a job that takes care and patience.  You’ll need to rent an upright drum sander and a disc edge sander.  Ask the rental dealer to demonstrate the machines.

Some companies rent upright versions of random orbital sanders, also called jitterbug sanders, that don’t work as fast as drum sanders, but are less likely to damage the floor if you’re inexperienced.

Do this work on a day when you can open doors and windows to let out the dust.  Wear a respirator to protect your lungs from the fine dust and be sure to seal off adjoining rooms with dampened sheets.

Sanding and Staining Floors:  After you have removed all room furnishings, pry off baseboard shoe moldings.  Set popped nails below the floor surface.

  • Rock the sander back at the beginning and end of each pass.  Otherwise, the drum will make a depression wherever you start or stop.
  • Use care with the edge sander.  Its circular cuts differ from those made by a drum sander, so don’t use it for open areas.
  • After each sanding pass, vacuum the floor thoroughly.  Use a tack cloth after each vacuuming to pick up remaining dust.

Apply paste wood filler with the grain.  When the filler begins to set, wipe across the grain with an old rag to remove excess.  Let it dry overnight.

Once the floor has dried, apply 2 to 4 coats of polyurethane finish with a brush or a wax applicator, sanding with fine sandpaper between coats.  Use a tack cloth to pick up all dust between coats.  Do not wax polyurethane finishes.

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