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How To Build A Deck | #2 Framing [Beam/Joists/Ledger]

How to Build a deck- DIY Style -in 3 days Step by step Beginners guide

How to Build an 8 x10 Deck for Beginners

How to Build a Ground Level Deck

DIY How to Build a Floating Deck A to Z

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The first step, before even considering building a deck, or getting too creative, is to verify deck requirements and restrictions.

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About fences:  There are two ways to design a fence on sloping terrain.  One is to make the fence parallel with the ground, framing each bay so it mirrors the slope.  All posts and infill materials are the same length.  This approach suits almost any terrain, whether it is steep, gentle, or irregular.

Post and rail, narrow boards, pickets, stakes, and slats work best.

The second method is to step the fence down the slope.  This method works best for gentle, even slopes.  Posts are all the same length, but each bay is built so the top and bottom are level rather than parallel to the slope.  Any kind of fencing material works, including infill materials that are set between the framing rather than nailed to it.

Both styles are attractive.  The contour design looks more natural and flowing, the stepped design more architectural and crisp.  A good way to judge which style will work is to draw the slope to scale on paper and sketch each type of fence on it.

Decks:  A deck is an excellent way to make a sloping corner of the yard more usable.  You can extend an existing patio with such a deck, build it completely freestanding, or even attach it to the house.

It is supported on posts that are firmly anchored to footings set into the slope.  The basic joist and beam structure is the same as for the low platform.  Beam and joist sizes depend on the span.

Railings are needed on decks over a certain height — usually 30 inches.  Attach railing posts to the joists or to a fascia board nailed around the edge of the deck, or extend the support posts.

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