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Bulbs have come a long way as far as energy efficiency goes.  CFL’s use a fraction of the energy needed to produce the same glow as the old school incandescent bulbs.

People need to know that CFLs contain a small bit of mercury.  My only beef with most CFLs on the market is, of course, they’re ugly!

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However, I’ve seen newer versions recently that mimic the look of old incandescent bulbs.  They even have types that look like glass floodlights but are dimmable.

Another problem I’ve found is many CFLs don’t last the described amount of years the manufacturer claims.  They’ll get hot and discolored at the ballast part of the bulb and eventually burn out.

LED bulbs are by far my favorite!  They look exactly like old incandescent light bulbs, they use less power than CFLs while emitting the same brightness, and you’ll be better off if the bulb falls to the floor, because of the bulb’s hard plastic outer shell.

They cost more than all the other types of bulbs, but in my opinion, they are well-worth the added cost.  You can trust that these bulbs will last their stated lifespan, because they seem to be built very well, unlike standard CFLs.


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