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Wiring a light switch is actually simple.  The main thing to wrap your head around is finding out which wires the power is coming from regarding the receptacle box.  If you’re replacing an existing old light switch with a fresh and brand-new one, simply examine the wires in the box and label them.  Proceed to install the new switch in reverse order.  Easy, huh?

Time: 30 minutes.

Skill:  DIY


  • DIY — Cost of materials.
  • Hire a Pro — $75 to $125.


  1. Shut off the power.
  2. Remove wire sheathing to expose the wires inside.
  3. Strip about ¾ of an inch off the tips of the white and black wires.
  4. Twist the ground (bare) wires together and put a wire nut at the end.
  5. Locate neutral (white) wires and trwist them together apply wire nut.
  6. Make loops on your black (hot) wires.
  7. Connect the two looped black wires to the switch.
  8. Loop the bare wire and attach to the green ground screw.

Tools You’ll Need:


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