How To Install Exterior Security Lighting Video

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Home Security Light DiagramAdding a motion sensor exterior light fixture is just like wiring a light inside the home:  You’ll see a ground wire, a white wire, and a black wire.  The biggest difference is these lights are rated for the outside.

That means they’ll include a protective housing, gaskets, and all the hardware you need in one convenient box.  These security lights remain off when there is no motion.  When the light detects motion, the lights will come on.

And there’s more to outside lighting than just your porch light.  You’ll find landscape lighting, flood lighting, and accent lighting.  It depends what needs you require for your particular situation.  Plan your lights and get ideas from other homes during a night time walk or drive.

Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour per light.

Skill: DIY


  • DIY — Cost of materials.
  • Hire a Pro — $125 to $275 plus the cost of the fixture.


  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Confirm no power is present at the old fixture wires.
  3. Remove the wire nuts to old light fixture and take light down.
  4. Install mounting hardware.
  5. Hang fixture.
  6. Connect the wires.
  7. Tuck wires and secure fixture to mounting strap.
  8. Cut the power back on.

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