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This video shows you how to replace a double-paned sealed glass in a window.

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About doors:  Whether you are upgrading an existing door, creating a new doorway, or installing a door in a new building, the techniques for installation are basically the same for all of these projects.  Although a wide variety is available, most doors are either flush or paneled.

Real wood-paneled doors have a framework of vertical stiles and horizontal rails, glued together with dowels, which frame individual wood panels, panes of glass, or a combination of both.

Steel doors are usually filled with foam insulation, offering both security and energy efficiency; they are finished to resemble painted wood doors and sold in a prehung package.

Tips for window styles:  To a great extent, the window frame determines the overall appearance of the window.  Windows with aluminum, bronze, or painted frames have a sleek, bold appearance.  Wood and vinyl-clad window frames create a substantial effect.

Inside casings also contribute to the architectural and decorative style.  They may be ornate moldings, slim strips of wood, or wide lumber.

The number of panes (sometimes called lights), as well as the size of the panes, will also effect the style.

Diagonal muntins, or windows arranged in a cluster, may also contribute to the effect you desire.

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