Getting To Know Your Gas System

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Think of a gas system as a special, simplified sort of plumbing network. Like its water-carrying cousin, a gas system consists largely of pipes that […]

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Replacing Furnace Filters

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Changing a furnace air filter is a job that is easy and inexpensive to do yourself. The purpose of a filter on a forced-air furnace […]

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Understanding An Oil Furnace

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Compared to gas and electric furnaces, an oil-fired, forced-air heating plant has more components. It has the same filter and blower unit common to the […]

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Servicing A Furnace

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No furnace will keep functioning efficiently without regular maintenance.  Ideally, you should have a furnace inspected and serviced annually by a qualified professional before the […]

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Understanding An Electric-Resistance Furnace

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To envision an electric-resistance furnace, think of a giant toaster with air blowing through it. As air pushed by the blower moves through the heating […]

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