Hello! And welcome to DIY in a hour!

My name is Darwin Hall and I’m a licensed contractor based in Michigan, who happens to enjoy creating content that helps people.

I made this site as a reference guide for folks that are seeking information about home improvement and DIY projects.

I must say, however, that some tasks should be completed by licensed professionals; but if you have the time and thoroughly plan and research a project, most small DIY tasks can be accomplished by the average homeowner!

The goal and mission of this site is to try to explain how to “do it yourself” in a easy-to-understand, thorough manner.  I don’t know everything (after 20+ exp.), but I try to plan and think a project through.

I come from a long line of carpenters; my father was a carpenter and so was his father.  Picking up a hammer comes naturally to me.  I love working with my hands!

I’ve crawled through many crawl spaces to fix broken pipes, and squeezed through the tightest of ceiling access openings to get into blistering hot attics.  I’ve also had my fair share of run-ins with resident raccoons, and fought off swarms of yellow jackets.

I’ve suffered cuts, bumps, and bruises, and found satisfaction in knowing that I helped fix a problem with a valid solution.  I enjoy doing what I do!

My Work Truck

Work Van With Tools

 Some Of My Tools

Contractor Tools

Makita drill setMy Work Boots

I admit they’re beat to hell… so I bought new boots and wrote about it!

Contractor Work Boots

Wolverine work boots rip sawI’m also an amateur photographer.  Here’s some pics I took:

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